Council Member

Elected from ordinary members annually at annual general meeting.

Ordinary Member

Enjoy all rights and privileges of the Society including:

  • Right to vote at the annual general meetings of the society or to be elected to the council.
  • Free registration fee for the annual scientific meetings & annual general meetings.
  • Special discount on registration fee for seminars, courses or workshops.
  • Receive the society newsletter and activity notices.
  • Apply for sponsorship of local and overseas conferences.
  • Receive a password to enter into the Members' Area of the society website (where you may access information such as the local directory of continence and incontinence Aids).
Associate Member

Enjoy the same rights and privileges as ordinary members except that associate members shall not be entitled to vote at the general meetings of the Society or to be elected to the Council.
A corporation may be an associate member of the Society.


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